You’re playing your best.  You are going all the way in softball.  You’d like to catch the attention of college recruiters, but you’re not sure how to go about it.  How will you stand out from all the other players on the field?

I’ll show you how.  These three tips will help you get noticed:

Tip #1:  Keep an open mind about the schools you want to attend. 

Many players strive to get noticed by only the biggest schools.  Bigger is not always better.  All-stars come from schools of all sizes.  It’s about your outcome of playing at a school, not the size of the school.  If you accept an offer from a school you never heard of, and you make the all-stars, isn’t that a win?

Take a look at some of the bigger schools, and then take a look at some of the smaller schools.  Your skills, your personality and the school’s environment will help you decide the best school for you. When it comes time to make the final decision, remember that it is no one’s choice but your own.

Tip #2:  Market yourself.

Marketing is about standing above the crowd.  Don’t depend on a website listing or a catalog as your primary marketing tool.  Coaches can’t recruit you if they don’t know you exist. 

Here are three steps to market yourself to college coaches:

1.       Make a personal information packet, your personal “media kit.”  Introduce yourself with a cover letter, a biography, reference letters, maybe even a DVD with video clips of you in action.

2.       Make a list of your “target” coaches from bigger schools and smaller schools. 

3.       Send your personal information kit to each of them.  Follow up a week later with a phone call. 

Tip #3:  Let the coach know where you’ll be playing.

You must be proactive.  Don’t expect the coach to know which tournaments you’ll be attending. Many showcase tournaments have online lists of the college coaches that will be attending. Examine the list. Find a few coaches you would like to contact, and send them a short note.  Let them know where you’ll be, so they can watch you play in person. 

If the coach doesn’t approach you after the game, don’t worry.  Recruiting rules may prohibit them from talking with you at that time.  They saw you, and they took notes.  Mission accomplished!

Start today.

When you (1) widen your selection of schools, (2) market yourself and (3) let the coach know where to see you in action, you will be noticed by more college coaches. Start your personal marketing plan today.


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