How to Stand Out During Softball Tryouts

By Courtney Austin. Over the weekend, I sat down with two of my old teammates and reminisced over our years of softball tryouts. We talked about what was fun, what was hard, what we missed, and what was important. One thing that was obvious during our conversation was...

How to balance school and softball

Do you ever feel overwhelmed thinking about everything you have to do during softball season? You aren’t alone. Trying to navigate homework, practice and friends isn’t easy for anyone. As a player and a student I learned that athletics and academics can be...
Is Online Coaching a Good Idea?

Is Online Coaching a Good Idea?

By Courtney Austin. Emily was a sophomore when she was sidelined for muscle pain. She had overused her pitching arm. Emily had a personal pitching coach, but in peak season she struggled to get as many lessons as she needed. To make matters worse, Emily’s coach...

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