1. Door Stop Ever needed to prop a door open while moving a heavy object?  Or had your hands full and the only thing within reach was a pair of softball cleats? (Me neither, but work with me here.) Just take one of your softball cleats and wedge the toe underneath the door to keep it from closing. Now you don’t have to worry about the door hitting you on the way in.


  2. Flower PotSometimes you’re out shopping and you come across that one amazing flower that you just had to have. Once you got it home you realized that you didn’t have a suitable pot to put it in. What do you do? This is where that extra softball cleat comes in handy. Just fill it with some dirt, stretch out those roots and add a little water. Now sit back and admire your new contemporary planter that shares two of your favorite things: gardening and softball!
  3. Paper WeightThis tip is for those office workers that want to show their co-workers where their true passion lies. Just pull out that cleat and plop it down on that stack of reports that you should have been turned in last week. Now everyone will know what you love. Please, for your co-workers’ sake, make sure the cleat is clean and new. Nobody likes the scent of smelly athletic shoes in the morning.

    BONUS TIP:  If you wanted to show your support for your daughter’s softball team you could bring in a cleat with the team logo on the side or have the whole team sign it then display it prominently on your desk or shelf.

  4. Cup HolderHere’s a great way to make sure that can of soda or glass of milk doesn’t spill while you’re sitting at the couch watching your favorite NPF or college team on TV. Place the base of the can or glass into the heal of a new softball cleat and voila, you’ve got a cup holder!. This could also be useful to keep at your side while watching your daughter’s softball game. I’m sure this will catch on and be “all the rave” this season.
  5. Fuzzy Dice ReplacementHanging the fuzzy dice from the rear-view mirror reached it’s height in popularity in the 70’s and 80’s. Then it was the skiing or snowboarding goggles in the late 90’s. Now it’s time to start a new trend. Tie the ends of your laces together and hang your favorite color cleats from your rear-view mirror. Just beware, hanging anything from your rear-view mirror is a visual obstruction and is illegal in some states.
  6. Solution for Wobbly TableQuick fix for a severely wobbly table: Place that shortened leg into the cleat to fix any table! You can even add a little height by inserting additional replacement insoles or remove them to level it out.


  7. Mouse or Gerbil BedThis one is for all you animal lovers out there. Your little friend will be the envy of all his or her peers when they see that brand new “cleat bed” arrive. Place the cleat, preferably a non-metal for safety reasons, inside the cage and stuff a little bit of bedding into it. Sit back and observe as your gerbil creates a stylish home out of your favorite footwear.
  8. Chock BlockParked on a steep incline and not sure that your 4-year old brakes will hold? A pair of cleats, strategically placed beneath the tires, could do the trick.
  9. Emergency Ice ScraperIn severe winter weather your car or truck can become covered in ice and even your doors can become frozen shut. So how are you supposed to get your ice scraper out of the car? Head back inside and grab a pair of cleats. Just be careful if you’re using a pair of metal cleats; you don’t want to scratch the paint!
  10. Cookie CutterJust in time for the holidays. Create some festive circular cleat patterned cookies using a new pair of non-metal cleats. Again, be sure they’re clean. Nobody likes muddy cookies.
  11. Hunting WeaponWith just a few quick knots you could create a makeshift boleadoras hunting weapon in case of emergency. Tie the ends of your shoelaces together, grab the laces in the center where they meet, swing them in a circle over your head and then let ’em rip. With a little practice you’ll be bringing down large rhinos on your next expedition. Not to be used on younger brothers and sisters….
  12. Box CutterIf you’re as excited as most people to receive a package from Ringor.com you probably can’t wait to open it. Don’t waste precious time looking for a proper tool to open it! Just grab a pair of your metal cleats and use that front spike to split open the tape on the package in a hurry. Then you can gleefully trot around the house in your new pair of Ringor turf shoes.
  13. Makeshift HammerIf you happen to displace your rusty, trusty hammer or your neighbor borrowed it (forever!), don’t forget about your cleats. These can come in handy if you ever need to drive a few nails into a wall or if you’re out on a camping trip and need to drive a stake into the ground. The hard TPU outsole on Ringor cleats will help you on and off the field and in more ways than one.
  14. MittensThis should be the basis of our next marketing campaign: “The Diamond Gem non-metal softball cleat is comfortable, durable and doubles as a hand warmer!” Slip each cleat over your cold hands to warm them up between innings. Um…just be sure to wash your hands afterward.


  15. Candle HolderDecorate the house for your next party using cleats and candles. Or what I like to call: Candle Cleats!  Purchase some large pillar style candles and place them into your favorite color cleats. You’ll want those puppies to be tall enough so the wick extends over the top of the cleat. Be sure the candle is snug in there so it doesn’t tip over and start a fire. That would be bad. Also, those shorty tea light candles are not recommended here for the same reasons.  Distribute around the house and be prepared to discuss your new decoration as it will surely be the talk of the party.

Have you or anyone you know ever used a pair of cleats in an odd way? Tell us about it in the comments or upload some photos to the Ringor Facebook page.


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